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We plan strategies to obtain useful information about Latin American companies interested in building strategic alliances, we know well where to find the most updated and specific data for any sector.

  • Project Analysis
  • Opportunities and risks
  • Sectorial information
  • Tributary information
  • Possible development schemes

We reach the predetermined objectives in time and form, managing to expand their markets. The region’s business development experience, language skills, local business, and knowledge of the Latin culture and idiosyncrasies that we possess help to accelerate its expansion in Latin markets.

  • Products
  • Brands
  • Investments
  • Partner search
  • Management and supervision of business development

Thinking about business with Latin American countries requires a very personal approach, the region is known for its great diversity and it is difficult to get reliable and trustworthy information about possible alliances with established Latin companies. Our presence on the continent helps us navigate effectively through the Latin American business world.

  • Potential partners in all sectors
  • Production, investment, Comex
  • Advice on legal forms of collaboration
  • Company registration
  • Management of all legal procedures

Each market is governed by its own conditions and requirements by allowing the entry of a new product. Many times, a simple sale becomes cumbersome due to bureaucratic processes and unexpected orders from different local offices. Let us follow the procedures for you, carrying them out faster and faster.

  • Permits and certificates
  • Product registration in corresponding offices
  • Trials and tests supervision
  • Business and marketing plan
  • Management and supervision of export / import processes
  • Search for importing and / or exporting partners
  • Contact with logistics and customs companies
  • Wide contacts in different distribution channels
  • Wide contacts in different distribution channels

We know what documents you have to present, where and in what form to start your business in Latin America. We collaborate with the best specialists and studios to provide you with the most professional service and avoid any inconvenience.

  • Legal advice
  • Tax advice
  • Management of permits and certificates
  • Legalization of signatures
  • Trademark registration
  • Powers of attorney management
  • Business activity reports – by category or by company

  • Supplier Evaluation

  • Market research

  • Business credit evaluation

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